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Final Exam- The TED Talk


Never FOURget: My own TED talk

Four Loko: two words, one regret…drinking it.  Rebecca Arnowich discusses the ethics behind the camouflage can that targets underage drinkers and college students alike.  These FOUR ingredients can be a deadly combination that can turn your LOKO night into a hospital visit…or worse.  With the scramble for the last Four Lokos in the country, we all must decide to drink or not to drink?

SJU Cheer

So this is the first attempt at my movie.  It is not even close to being finished, however, I spent a lot of time trying to pull this together.  There are plenty of things I would like to add including more footage in order to reach 2 to 3 minutes and a voice over.  I think voice overs are very effective and I would love to have that in the background of my movie.  This voice over will most likely just be speaking about the dedication and hard work that goes into cheerleading because many people underestimate what we do.  Anyways I hope ya enjoy =)