about me

My name is Rebecca Arnowich and I am a sophomore at SJU.  I am a sociology major and I am currently minoring in communications, but I am hoping to double major. I have recently become very passionate about communications and the idea of double majoring in the two.  Although this blog is mainly used for the communications courses that I am taking, I would also like to incorporate my other interests.  These interests include soc and cheerleading.  I know they are kinda random, but they take up a lot of my time.  I am a cheerleader here at SJU and I definitely enjoy being part of the program. Sociology is the study of society and the people in a society.  I love to figure out why people behave the way they do and why society has the such an impact on the way people behave. The idea of a forever changing society fascinates me because if society has such a large impact on us and it is always changing then we must always be changing. I try to relate most of my blog posts to this idea of a new generation and a constantly altering society as much as I can.

I have 3 brothers and 1 little sister.  I’m really close to my family and my friends.  I’m a huge New York Yankees and New York Giants fan and I miss my family the most when the games are on.

my family


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