Final Project: The Beautiful Social Experiment


I chose to do my final project on an organization called BuddyBall Sports. It is something very close to me because my younger cousin has participated in the organization for years. I also did my change maker video on this non-profit organization. BuddyBall Sports provides individuals with a mental or physical disability the opportunity to sports, regardless of their limitations. It helps individuals learn teamwork and promotes self-esteem, one of the tools needed to help overcome the stigma often associated with a disability. One does not have to pay to participate in the league because Buddy Ball relies entirely on donations from their sponsors. BuddyBall Sports is particularly close to me because I live in Rockland County and that it where all there sporting events take place. There are not many other organizations like BuddyBall Sports, but there are other sections of the organization, so I focused on these other sections for my background research.

Background research:

1. Bambino Buddy Ball: The Website for Bambino Buddy Ball is extremely effective. It was very easy to navigate and had so many different parts to it. Although they do not have a Twitter, their Facebook page has a lot of information on it. The Facebook page is good because you can like it rather than add it as a friend. The Facebook is almost like a blog because they keep it updated. I believe there was a post almost every day and if not then it was something close to that. There are plenty of pictures and important dates on the Facebook page and the Website. (

2. Brighton Buddy Ball: The Website for Brighton Buddy Ball is much like the one for Bambino Buddy Ball in that it is very detailed, but still easy to navigate. It is very colorful which makes is incredibly attractive. The Brighton Buddy Ball Facebook page is good because you can like it rather than add it as a friend, however, they rarely update the page. I believe the last update is from June 2010. They do not have a twitter or a blog. (


a. Website- The Website for BuddyBall Sports is very plain and bare. There is not much to it. It is not colorful or attractive by any means and there is absolutely no navigation necessary. (
b. Facebook- BuddyBall Sports does not have a Facebook
c. Twitter- BuddyBall Sports does not have a Twitter
d. Blog- They do not have a Blog


I recommend sprucing up the Website a lot and making the organization more appealing. Making a Facebook page and a Twitter is not a hard thing to do, however, maintaining them can be a difficult task. It is realistic for me to actually help this organization because I have been a part of it for a long time and it is so close to me. Although I do not think a Blog is as important as a Facebook and a Twitter, it might be nice for people to share their experiences on a Blog for the organization. Making the organization more media and internet friendly is a good way for BuddyBall Sports to receive feedback and get the community involved. It is also a good way to share important dates and events and upload pictures so the community can see what the organization is all about.


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