3 TED Talks for our Generation

Adora Svitak is a twelve year old girl with an imagination and a brain just waiting to burst. She is incredibly brilliant and I needed to share this TED talk. She speaks about how we need childish thinking and that adults can learn from children just as well as children learn from adults. There should be no limit to thinking and imagining. Children understand that there is no limit when it comes to using one’s imagination and exploring one’s curiosities. Adults are unable to think with no limits because they have experienced too much reality.

Jamie Oliver discusses the issue of obesity in our country. He explains the importance of the eating healthy and staying in shape. It is so important for children to stay active. He speaks about teaching children how to eat healthy because if we start eating healthy at a young age then hopefully the diet will stick with us throughout our lives. Our generation can learn a lot from this particular TED talk.

Derek Sivers discusses the idea of starting a movement. I was a little confused after reading the short and sexy description, but after watching the TED talk, I realized how important this talk is to our generation. This idea of starting a movement begins with having the courage the step up as a leader. The whole talk was very inspirational and I think our generation can learn a lot from this brilliant man.


One response to “3 TED Talks for our Generation

  1. Your post on Adora Svitak is amazing. I think that adults definitely can learn alot from children…she is an amazing little girl! Great post

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