There are some things that I want to change in this short film about being a change maker. I’d like to add music to more of the footage and have it playing in the background, but I need to play around with iMovie to figure out different volumes. I would also like to go over some of the voice overs. Unfortunately, my interview with my cousin was very short because she just had a baby so she was tired and overwhelmed by my laptop in her face. Hopefully I can fix it up a bit before our portfolios are due at the end of the semester. Hope you enjoy what I have done so far!!


5 responses to “ChangeMaker

  1. Good job. The pictures and video go well together.

  2. I loved your video. I thought it had a great combo of still pictures and videos. Seems like a great organization!

  3. Your use of voice over with the pictures was very effective and original! Loved the video!

  4. i really enjoyed hearing about this and i am really glad you picked this topic. it was really inspiring.

  5. This was one of my favorite videos, great job!

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