My Media Consumption

Society is rapidly becoming obsessed with digital media. The way that we rely on the internet and technology is so surprising to me. Keeping track of my media consumption from Monday to Wednesday was quite exhausting. I found that I am on my BlackBerry way too much for my liking. Whether I am texting or on twitter, my BlackBerry is never far from my fingertips. I realized that I definitely do not watch television as much as my roommates. They will put the TV on while they are eating just because they think it is too quiet without the background noise. I have come to see that I am addicted to music and I do not really see that changing.

I have come to appreciate the time that I do not have my phone glued to my body. I have practice for cheerleading almost everyday of the week and we are not allowed to have our phones on during practice. I enjoy being at practice and being at games because I am only focused on my teammates and the things that are going on directly around me. Although I am on my phone a lot, I also believe that I have control over my media consumption. I know that during class and while I am doing my homework I cannot be on my phone. It is way too distracting for me. I also do not listen to music while I am trying to get work done. During finals week I deactivate my facebook and I try to keep my phone off.

It is definitely shocking how dependent my generation has become on the internet and media. We do everything on the internet from ordering pizza to taking a quiz for class. The media and the internet is going to continue to grow and I am just hoping that everyone will be able to keep up.


3 responses to “My Media Consumption

  1. You’re right – our generation is way too dependent on technology and media! That’s why they call the Blackberry the “crack” berry… we’re addicted!

  2. I agree that we’ve all become, to some extent, dependent on technology. The media seems to have a powerful hold on us, and I’m glad there’s a level of awareness as to how much of an impact it plays on us.

  3. i couldnt agree more im addicted to music and my phone too

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