Daily Archives: February 24, 2011

Communication Ethics in the news

I have never been one to follow the news because I was always a little scared to know the truth about the world. No one ever reports on the good things going on in the world, instead we are a society addicted to tragedy.

Now that I am constantly on twitter, I will randomly decide to look at CNN or Time Magazine to see if there is anything big that I should be aware of. I came across a tweet on the CNN twitter page that said “Egyptian Google exec is ‘ready to die’ for change.” I continued to read the article and found out that Wael Ghonim plays a key role in organizing many of the protests going on in Egypt recently. The article is very intriguing, but the parts that stood out to me dealt with the communication aspect of the protests. The article states, “He was the administrator of a Facebook page that is widely credited with calling the first protest January 25.” Ghonim used Facebook in order to get people to participate in the protest and it just goes to show you that different forms of communication can be used in so many different ways. The article also encourages its readers to follow Wael Ghonim on twitter. It truly amazes me how many things communication and the media is used for.

Egyptian Google exec is 'ready to die' for change


More TED talks: Global Ethic

Gordon Brown’s TED talk on Global Ethic was extremely intelligent. I thought he was a brilliant speaker and the talk was very eyeopening. His talk connects the many forms of communication with the issue of ethics. We cannot ignore the tragedy occurring in the world if everyone is aware of the problems.

Different forms of communication have allowed us to connect with the lesser countries in the world and now if we choose to be ignorant toward the problems then we are simply an immoral species. His keen interest in the subject would inspire many to lend a helping hand. He explains that through the growing technology and forms of communication our world has created, many people can be the change that this world needs.

I found Evan Williams’ TED talk to be very interesting. Although this post is somewhat late, I am glad that I am doing it now because I have just recently gotten really into twitter. Williams seemed a bit nervous on the TED stage, but his talk was definitely insightful. This new form of communicating that we now know of as twitter is actually beneficial in a lot of ways. If one chooses to follow an account such as CNN then one will receive worthy news stories right at their fingertips. I love that we are able to choose who we follow and although we might choose to follow the Jersey Shore cast, we still get to select what pops up on our individual news feed. I have heard that facebook is the people you went to high school and twitter is the people you wish you went to high school with. We have so many different forms of communication and it is exciting to think that there is still so much room for the field of communications to expand.