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Final Exam- The TED Talk


Fetishism of Commodities

For my sociology project we had to do an example of the Fetishism of Commodities in the 21st century.  My group chose to do our project on SJU gear.  I used iMovie for the presentation so I thought I would share it on my blog.

Mini TED Talk Guide

I cannot believe this is my last post for the class!!  Although I have not presented my TED talk yet, I have enjoyed being a part of everyone’s talks.  I think a major part of everyone’s TED talks is the story that they decide to tell with their presentation.  I believe practicing the story and truly knowing the story is very helpful when preparing for the delivery.

If the story is a personal narrative then I believe sometimes it makes it more meaningful because the speaker has actually experienced the story.  A first person point of view is always really effective when it comes to storytelling.

A great example of a story in our TED talks in class so far was Marie’s TED talk.  She chose one little boy and told his story about how the iPad has helped him communicate with others in spite of his disability.  The storytelling was spot on and I really enjoyed the entire TED talk because of her excellent delivery.  Since I thought her one specific story was so effective, I decided to include a personal story in my TED talk as well.