Study of human interaction

I believe sociology is one of the most interesting majors we have to choose from at SJU.  Although I came into SJU as an undecided social science student, I soon learned that sociology is the perfect major for me.  We study society and the impact that it has on human interaction and human behavior.  We get to learn why people act the way they do and how much society influences a group.

Through sociological thought we get to experience why people sometimes just know things.  For example: Why are baby boys wrapped in blue blankets, while baby girls are wrapped in pink blankets? Why is it socially unacceptable for a boy to play with dolls?  Some people believe that society forces these things upon us, but somehow we are the ones that make up society.  It should be our decision the way society forms, however, in some way we are trapped in this stereotypical society.


3 responses to “Study of human interaction

  1. I agree with your blog. I am also a Sociology major and find it really interesting being able to study people and how and why they act the way they do. I too was undecided social science when I first started here.

  2. Hey Rebecca! I was just doing my mid-term blog evaluation thing for Dr. Knight, and I just wanted to tell ya that I think yours is really good! I liked it becuase you include a lot of other things besides the posts that we have to do for class. I think that’s definately the key for getting people interested in your blog, outside of the classroom! Keep up the good work.

  3. Very interesting blog Bec. Keep them comingg 🙂

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